We subscribe to Sudbury Model of learning/education, and by leveraging the power of internet and software we work hard to expand Sudbury Model to the whole society including adults.

We think that Sudbury Valley School Model is ideal for child education. The reason that it is difficult for SVS to spread to the whole society lies in adults. Due to long time of schooling, adults don’t know how to learn, and they interfere with children’s learning. So we need adults to start a learning revolution on themselves. Here at Open Source Learning, we advocate adults learn by themselves and learn from each other and we help them with development of core technologies, especially Knowledge Engine.

Guided under Natural Learning Methodology, Open Source Learning is trying to build the future of open learning with software and inter-connected self-learners. Let’s build the open learning together!

Here is summarization of our findings. You can read the essay on Knowledge Engine, and you are welcome to try out the self-learning platform, powered by Knowledge Engine. Start noting down your significant experiences and see how that helps you learn. If you are interested in working on the Knowledge Engine project, you can visit our github page.

Our mottos:

We are all self-learners. Make self-learning easier!

Make real life learning the mainstream learning in the future!

Explore, Experience, Express. Let’s bring out the true face of learning!

Engine of knowledge economy

Our projects:

  • Help the public establish the true understanding of learning and education (see these knowledge frames “About learning“, “About education“), correcting the deeply rooted mistaken views on learning and education. Especially we want to achieve an understanding that can help digitizing knowledge and learning process so that we can greatly empower learners to learn by themselves and thus spread the Sudbury Model to the whole society including adults
  • experiment and provide the engine of knowledge economy: Knowledge Engine. Help people cultivate the habit and skills of self-reflection, self-learning (the real life learning), promote knowledge sharing, help professionals from all walks to become teachers and teach easily and effectively even in their spare time, and thus change the profession of teaching
  • list the key points to build up the future learning/education (see this knowledge frame “How internet changes education“), encourage people from all walks to work together, pick areas of their own strength to realize the future learning/education

There are many projects you can do to help make the future learning coming earlier. If you are interested in joining, you can join our email list first:  self-learn@googlegroups.com

Here is our G Plus page: Google+

Any questions, please contact me: sys @ opensourcelearning.org   or leave a comment below.

From Cat’s Cradle:
“Self-taught, are you?” Julian Castle asked Newt.
“Isn’t everybody?” Newt inquired.
“Very good answer.”

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