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Being able to realize the knowledge areas in daily life and extract Significant Experiences out to each corresponding knowledge area is an important learning skill. But most people haven’t learned this skill. A tool is needed to help them cultivate this ability. Thus we need a knowledge discovering and organizing tool based on Significant Experiences. With this tool, many thinking methods and learning methods can be carried out through simple editing operations. As for these thinking methods and learning methods, we will introduce them in another article.

Learning communities need better tools to share knowledge, otherwise users won’t stay. Furthermore, to be able to replace the current dominate education form, we need to form a key chain, and we need a better tool to digitalize knowledge, to better represent learners’ or teachers’ knowledge structure. We need to give the teachers a tool to manage their own learning, form good knowledge structure, and then share with people. And students need this tool to organize their learning, through which we can see their progress and teachers can offer better instruction. And through participation in open knowledge building, on one hand, students participated in a very meaningful project and made their contributions, on the other hand, the learning results are visible and become an important part of students’ learning portfolios. Of course, we advocate self-learning and peer learning, teach by learning well first, and everyone can be a teacher.

The problems with many online learning communities, I think, is that they have no good tools to generate good learning content. Teachers have no good tools to organize his knowledge and daily learning, and share his knowledge with students once that knowledge become stable and mature. Students have no good tools to help them learn daily and generate content that can reflect their knowledge structure and learning status so that the teacher can give more timing and pointed instruction. Thus it is difficult for these online communities to to make users stay there since the sites provide little value to the users.

Regarding this tool, probably it is still more research like in nature (although I have little interest in academic research). If this hypothesis based on Significant Experiences, on which this tool is based, is proved to be right, we can start building the platform. Then everyone can see what this is about. Before building the platform, I need to use this tool to organize my own knowledge first, and also try organizing some communities’ knowledge with this tool. and share the knowledge with society. If these can be finished successfully, it proved that the hypothesis is correct.

I believe this tool will be a huge help to all different people, including children. Although a lot of experiments are still needed, it is a tool that I cannot live without. I learn quite a lot of different things. Quite often, I have to leave what I have been familiar with and start learning a new big thing. Then when I go back to the old field, this notebook helps me quickly pick up where I am left. Sure, if all your life is doing something in a narrow field, then probably the notebook is not very useful for you. Life is like this too. Memory a long time ago will be lost or become fuzzy if not well recorded. Maybe one day you will remember what has been forgotten for a long time, and then realize that you have been on a wrong path all along. That happen to most of us. If we can remember our important experiences, we can keep ourselves always awake. Life is precious, we cannot keep forgetting what are important and keep making mistakes.

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