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Alliance for Self-Directed Education

中文版 Here I want to introduce you the Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE), which is an organization dedicated to promoting Self-Directed Education. Its prominent founders include Peter Gray, a psychology professor, the author of the book Free to Learn and long time advocate of … Continue reading

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Add Notes on Mobile Devices

中文版 Previously users are able to access the notebook platform ( via the browser on the mobile phone. We did some optimization for mobile access. Now we have new ways to allow you to add bookmark/scrap/snippet more easily from your … Continue reading

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Knowledge, 2B or 2C?

中文版 Recently I am doing an experiment on myself. I am experimenting to see how much of science I can learn online without going to any school or educational institution. I am not completely done with the experiment. But I … Continue reading

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Experience Sudbury

中文版 I had the great fortune to visit for two days the Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA. I have known them for years, and I have read of them through their published books, articles, and videos. I also know … Continue reading

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Recent efforts

Here are our recent efforts, you are welcome to be part of this open process towards future learning, which we think should be self-learning for everyone! In a way, the current discussions there help summarize what we have learned in … Continue reading

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Why people don’t work hard with good social welfare

People often say that countries with good social welfare lose the drive for economy because people don’t have incentive to work hard anymore. The inherent assumption is people are naturally lazy so they don’t work if they don’t have to. … Continue reading

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New Generation of Textbooks

Recently I wanted to review the “knowledge” I have “learned” at schools. There is a lot of that kind of “knowledge” that was “learned” but never practiced. I am thinking that I need to review my old textbooks and notes. … Continue reading

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From Agile to Life Centers (Draft)

Dijkstra said in the 70s that the irreversible damage is done once we have named this subject “Computer Science”. “…the topic became —primarily in the USA— prematurely known as “computer science” —which,actually is like referring to surgery as “knife science”— … Continue reading

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Software is Unique

Software is the bridge btw the human world and the physical world. It is the bridge between human science and physical science. It is about giving ideas concrete forms. It is about digitization of life. It is about creating life. … Continue reading

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Software Management

I am trying to summarize a short list of what I deem the most important for software management. Management is about the right people making decisions. It is about forming the trust and delegate chains. Emphasis on programming skills. Everyone … Continue reading

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