Yuanliang(Leon) Liu

Founder and advocate of Open Source Learning. Designer of Knowledge Engine. Software Architect.

Leon has been focused on learning/education for more than 15 years. Making real life learning the mainstream learning/education is what he has been working passionately on. He had a thorough study of what academic and industry were working on in the elearning fields, got disappointed, and turned to the grassroots alternative education efforts in America, where he had learned tremendously from the practical experiences that alternative education in America has accumulated for decades.

Leon fell in love at first sight with software programming when in his freshmen year in college. To him, software programming is a bridge between human world and physical world, and through software programming, human beings can finally realize the great dreams people have had for thousands of years.

Through his long time of hard work, Leon is determined to combine the best practices and experiences of American grassroots alternative education with the technology of software and internet, to make the real life learning available to everyone.

You can read more about Leon here.

Steven Cummings

Software Architect

Steven has been involved with the architect design and technology choices. He constantly brainstorms with Leon on various ideas. He is currently on the mission of refactoring the knowledge engine into an open source django app. Steven also shares some website maintenance responsibility.


Haoyu Chen

Haoyu is in charge of spreading the ideas, especially among college students. He gets college students experimenting with learning using this notebook, through self-learning, peer learning in a learning group or by instruction from a teacher who has rich learning experiences in the domain.

How to join?

Send us an email: sys @  (please remove the spaces) and tell us what you do, how you are interested and what or how you want to contribute.

Thank you for your interest in us! Together let us bring out the true face of learning!

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